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XP, Office 2003, Ghost

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We have. We each have a 128 Mb Dell USB Key and it is bootable on the GX-280, in fact it boots on any computer that supports USB booting.

Here is a guide I found for you - I hope you have a good grasping of DOS and partitioning and fdisk-ing a hard disk because it is about the same.


Obviously once the USB key is prep-ed as in the above example you copy all the Barts network bootdisk files and folders to the key. Then you can also put the ghost executable on etc....

CD's and the USB key are actually about the same speed boot-wise, but you can run back and forth to get a file etc... back onto the USB key without using a new CD for instance a network card driver for windows.... just as an example. We find them incredibly useful for our mass-ghosting tasks that we do.

I hope this helps you out.

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