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Unattended XP install w/ Novell and w/o Microsoft


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I've been trying to make an unattended install of windows xp pro for work. We run on a novell network, so it would be much easier if we could install XP and novell at the same time. I've managed to get almost of all of it completed, but I have a few hanging points. I'm using Novell client 483, and its required that I remove Client for Microsoft Networks, QoS, and File and Printer Sharing. I used setupmgr.exe to build the .sif file for the unattended build. I selected that I wanted to use a custom network configuration and removed the client and services from the list. I then added IPX at 802.2 (which is required for the novell application launcher to work).

The section of winnt.sif looks like this:


























So, you would imagine that this would install only the TCP and IPX protocols, as I requested it to ... no, not so much so. Once the XP system is installed, IPX is installed at 802.2, but all the default microsoft stuff is still installed. (MS Client, QoS, and Sharing)

I've been sitting here for hours trying to find a file for the network profile or some sort of registry setting that I could tweak in order to removed this network stuff. So far, I've come up with nothing. Any help that anyone would have would be appreciated.

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Xeroh, not too sure what the problem is there. It should all be doable through the SIF


You need to do the following:

- Customise an unattended file with the NCIMAN utility provided in the admin folder of the client install

- Edit ACU.Ini. You need at least the following settings







File=location and name of your unattend.txt

Instead of using SetupNW.Exe to install, run ACU.Exe. It'll do a silent install without prompts.

Cheers, Dan.

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I've tried what you suggested but now get a prompt asking if i want to Install/Update. I've tried doing something like this C:\temp\English\WINNT\i386\acu.exe /U /D:No but I still get a prompt. I'd like to get this totally unattended so that i can deploy it via sms, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've noticed that if it doesn't find the unattended.txt, you'll get the install/upgrade message. Make sure the ini points to the full path, so if you're deploying to a temp location, reference that location and it should work.


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I use

setupnw.exe /ACU /U:settings.txt

and make sure that in the settings.txt file, there are the following entries

Under [NovellNetWareClientParameters]


Under [setupNWInstallOptions]


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