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BartPE - Loading a program on startup - Need Help


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Hi all,

I'm a complete Newbie to BartPE. could someone explain how I launch a program on startup. I've had a look at the autorun folder and renaming the .cmd files as the forums suggest, but it just doesn't seem to want to work.

Could somone give me an example of a plugin folder which autoruns an .exe file on startup.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as my boss is really riding my a** on this one.



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Hi! I had the same problem, both with BartPE and boss, and here's how I solved it after peering helplessly at the rather unhelpful help files for help. :huh:

Include the "Startup groups" plugin in your build. This is our ticket. The help file says to put your autorun_1.cmd file in the %systemroot%\System32 directory, but doesn't tell you how to get it there. A test build showed that %systemroot% on the CD was named the same as the directory where my Windows install files resides. In my case this was C:\i386, so %systemroot% on the bootable CD became \i386.

So I made a directory for inclusion in BartPE. Under this directory I made a directory tree \i386\System32, and put a file named autorun_1.cmd in System32. And it actually ran on boot. :thumbup Well, it did after I remembered to include the directory in PEbuilder. :blushing:

"Can I go home now boss? No? Still more testing to do on the scripted install? Yes, boss, I'm on it..."

Ah, well, you can't win. :} But you can definitely run a program when BartPE boots.


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