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cmdow.exe settings


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Hello All,

Was caught between placing in here or App Install as relates to both, so apologies if in wrong one.

My UACD all works fine, the apps install etc etc.

However, my Installing Apps screen doesn't show the desciption of he application fully. It seems to wrap the text onto the next line, as when the application is installed you can read the whole line, but when it is selected, it wraps and isn't readable so looks unprofessional.

I have read the /? for cmdow but couldn't see anything that would assist.

Unfortunately, i'm unable to post a scrren shot as switching between two machines, 1 keyboard | mouse | etc, So have tried to explain using the unattended example and adding to it.

If you don't get it please shout and i'll try to explain better.

Thanks in advance for assistance.



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Your problem has nothing to do with cmdow.exe - cmdow.exe only allows you to run command windows with no visible window on the screen.

Your problem lies with RunOnceEx - I've experienced it myself, but haven't found any good solution other than shortening up my descriptions. It doesn't affect any functionality, it just doesn't look really pretty...

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The RunOnceEx dialog box doesn't have, to my knowledge, internal parameters for setting its width.

My only suggestions would be

  • 1. reduce the size of the lines being wrapped

  • 2. Try to increase the length of the title sufficiently, to see if that increases the box width

  • 3. add 80 to the flags value, to prevent the dialog box being shown at all

  • 4. live with it

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Cheers guys,

@Yzöwl - think option 4 is the most likely. Option 2, it seems to wrap after a set numer of Characters, but not easy to determine what that is unless i change name to numbers and keep trying

@jrf2027 - again, pretty much what i thought.

how well, will play with shortening for now unless another option appears.

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