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Lotus Notes 5.0.10a or 5.0.9a

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I'm having problems with Lotus Notes in version 5.0.10a and 5.0.9a (unnatended instalations). I created setup.iss and i used this switch: Setup.exe -s -f1 SETUP.ISS

to install it. It just never was installed on system :| Dunno why it doesn't work since 5.0.2c with very similar config works fine. Maybe i am missing something. Please help out on this.

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setup.exe -s -SMS -f1 setup.iss -f2c:\notes5.log

I tried that as you suggested. And i got this error: Setup requires _SETUP.DLL and _ISRES.DLL (located in_SYS1.CAB) in order to operate properly. Please ensure these files are located with SETUP.EXE.

Dunno what else i can do ;/

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