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Would anyone know how to...

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Assuming you have already saved the msstyles as themes, you can use the $OEM$ method to have all themes copied over during text setup if you just have a few.

These can take alot of space on the cd if you have alot and go the $OEM$ route, but the good news is they do compress well using Winrar.

To make it a silent install for these using Winrar:

1.) Copy all your .themes files with matching folders inside a empty folder on the desktop.

2.) Open that folder and choose to select all objects then rightclick an object and choose "Add to archive"

3.) Once Winrar loads, choose the "Best" compression method and checkmark to "Create SFX archive" on the right.

4.) Go to Advanced tab and click the "SFX Options" button.

5.) In the General tab insert the path to extract as:


6.) In the "Modes" tab choose Hide All in the "Silent Mode" section and choose Overwrite All in the Overwrite mode section.

** Luna theme is installed by default so that one doesnt need to be added **

Now copy the archive inside the $OEM$/$1/Install folder and use command files called by Winnt.sif or the WPI method to have them installed automatically during 1st boot.

If you want one as the default theme then dont add it in the archive. Copy that one inside the $OEM$\$$\Resources\Themes section of the cd and have Winnt.sif select it.

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