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AutoIT Find Drive Letter of VirtualCloneDrive


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Hey guys, I'm trying to make some installation scripts that will mount an image with Vitual Clone Drive, then the script will open the setup.exe within that Virtual Drive I've found out that you can: Run(@ProgramFilesDir & 'VCDmount.exe C:\MyFolder\disk1.iso') and it'll automount that iso. Next I need to launch the setup.exe file on the mounted ISO (not the autorun.exe)

My question is this:

Is there a way to find out which drive letter the virtual clone drive is using (through code) so I could just call X:\setup.exe (assuming x is the drive letter), I know I could just look in my computer and use that in the code, but then if I reformat, add a drive, or the like my drive letter will change.

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A CMD file can also do this for you.. just copy the text from the code box and paste into {yourchoice}.cmd (e.g.: vcd.cmd)

@echo off


 Echo Finding CD-Rom drive
   If exist D:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=D:
   If exist E:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=E:
   If exist F:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=F:
   If exist G:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=G:
   If exist H:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=H:
   If exist I:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=I:
   If exist J:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=J:
   If exist K:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=K:
   If exist L:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=L:
   If exist M:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=M:
   If exist N:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=N:
   If exist O:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=O:
   If exist P:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=P:
   If exist Q:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=Q:
   If exist R:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=R:
   If exist S:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=S:
   If exist T:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=T:
   If exist U:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=U:
   If exist V:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=V:
   If exist W:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=W:
   If exist X:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=X:
   If exist Y:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=Y:
   If exist Z:\Setup.exe SET CDROM_DRIVE=Z:

  If [%CDROM_DRIVE%]==[N/A] (
:Start Setup


Jan V.

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