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Crash After Text Mode


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I just created a DVD with a slew of applications on top of XP Pro w/ SP2 and the latest hotfixes. I was wondering if someone might explain how to troubleshoot it so I can determine where the problem might be. Here's what's happening:

I boot from the DVD which skips ahead to partition information (the only part of the disk that needs user input). I select the partition and format it using NTFS (Quick). It goes ahead and copies the files it needs for installation and then reboots. After the reboot, it begins loading Windows, but before the installation billboard comes up it reboots again. It stays in an endless loop of restarting and loading the GUI setup from this point on until I stopped it and booted from the main partition. I've had to edit boot.ini and delete the old partition in order to get my original Windows install to load.

I'm now trying to troubleshoot under VMWare (reason I didn't originally is because of the drivers). It's doing the same thing, so I know it's not the DVD, but the image itself.

So is there any way I can troubleshoot this so I can figure out where the issue is?

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Are you installing to a SATA or SCSI disk drive? If so, do you have your disk drivers integrated in both the textmode and GUI portion of the setup? Sounds like they're missing from the GUI mode.

Check the Device Drivers forum for ways to integrate the right driver into your build if necessary.

If it is a basic IDE disk then make sure the rest of your drivers are set to install correctly.

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I managed to fix the issue (went into nLite and changed a couple options), but I'm pretty sure it didn't have anything to do with my SATA drivers. Reason I say this is because this happened on both a partitioned PHYSICAL drive as well as a VIRTUAL machine (VMWare). VMWare doesn't use the same hardware configuration.

Thanks, anyway. I was quite suprised to find that I had fixed it by making a couple adjustments in nLite. Nothing I had done originally had anything to do with anything vital. :blink::wacko:

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