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TabletPC unattended install


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I'm trying to install a TabletPC with my unattended Windows XP Pro installation.

During the GUI-fase of the setup at minute 26 it asks for the file tpgwlnot.dll and searches for the directory c:\$win_nt$.~ls\cmpnents\TABLETPC\i386

But this directory is not present at the target machine. However, it is in place at my distribution-share.

I am using a Tablet XP ProductID, so that's good. :D

I found something on this forum about txtsetup.sif:


1 = %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%,,\i386

2 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386

3 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\mediactr\i386

4 = "%cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386

This guy said i should change %cd2name%","%cd2tagfilei% to %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%

I did that, but still the same result. :angry:

Does anyone know what this %cd2tagfilei% means?, is this maybe a file that i can find on the root of CD2?

Has anyone got ideas about how to solve this problem?



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If you use the /makelocalsource switch, add :all at the end:

winnt32.exe /makelocalsource:all

otherwise the cmpnents folder fails to be copied.

These pages might lead you on the right track:



I have not tried this myself though, so I have no further tips, sorry. :blushing:

//EDIT: It looks like you have to use the /makelocalsource:all switch

Note: If the makelocalsource switch is not used, the cmpnents directory will not be copied by setup and you will receive file copy errors during the setup process.
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I found the solution for the problem.

I'm using winnt.exe, not winnt32.exe, winnt.exe does not support the /makelocalsource:all option.

However it has got the option /2 which is equivalent to /makelocalsource:all

So it works now, the tablet pc is installed nicely. :D


Alexander :lol:

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