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Setting SQL Connection String on install

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I am currently writing a web application that's used by the company i work for. As I am not the one installing the appilcation on the server, I want to create a deployment project for it. The app deploys on the server OK, but I want to customize it so I can get the person installing the software to set the SQL Connection string, as well as the URL for the Reporting Services web service. I've tried a few things, but I think I need a way to edit the Web.config in an installer class. I've used the AppSettingsReader to get setings, is there a similar class that writes to the .config files? Is there another possible way to set things like a connection string at install time?

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how complicated do you want to get. If you want to kiss it then just have it work, modify the program so that it looks at the local registry for the connection string and the URL. Then all you have to do is on a local install (clicent side) just a** a text box for thoes two fields, and then have them write to the reg with the other install keys.

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