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Possible to skip a reboot installing XP via PE?


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When we install XP, it copies a bunch of files to the C drive, reboots and starts the "dos part" of the installation from the C drive.

When we're in PE, we use winnt32.exe with the /noreboot switch, can we manually (or scripted) run the next stage of the installation rather than reboot?

Does my question make sense or do I come off like a babbling id***?

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No - it unfortunately cannot skip that phase of setup.

Note that it's technically also not a "DOS part", the only part of Windows setup that can work with DOS is winnt.exe. The part you are talking about is called "text mode" and is running the Windows Kernel.

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Also, if I remember correctly the /NoReboot switch only affects the initial GUI phase of the setup. Basically, after launching winnt32.exe it does it's thing then stops, you would then have to reboot PE to get the Text mode going.

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That is correct - noreboot has existed since before WinPE - so thus only exists to "not reboot" the OS you are installing with.

If you use NoReboot you must issue the EXIT command yourself in your scripting to cause PE to reboot and continue the install.


In the Startnet.cmd I do a WSCRIPT.EXE MYSCRIPT.VBS.

That holds the startned.cmd open.

Then the next line is EXIT which causes PE to reboot once the VBS ends.


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