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Html Rendering Problem!


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I dont know what is going on with this system. I tried reinstalling internet explorer and installing service pack 2, yet the problem still persits after that. I also tried to reset internet explorers settings to their default value's.

IF you download the image, you will see exactly what the system is doing when it renders HTML, the picture show msn.com. Basically there is really large text and the backgrounds on websites are not correct. This problem also effects programs that use HTML as well, like Norton Antivirus, Windows Product Activation, ect.

Any ideas as to what is causing this strange problem.


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Hmm. Either the default fontsize is set too high, or, high visibilty mode has been enabled for the visually impared.

Not sure how to turn high visibilty off (Used to be a keyboard shortcut trick), but if you have a wheel on your mouse, hold CTRL down and scroll the wheel up. That will change the font size for the webpage

Anybody besides you have access to your pc recently? They might have turned the stuff up/on to play a joke on you.

Also, try manually deleteing all cached files for IE.

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