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Hello everyone, my new notebook comes with a cd installing all drivers. It reboots the computer a couple of times in between. Can I use this CD to install my drivers? (drivers from CD). I think the reboot is crucial, but I am not sure if my batch command will continue if I do this. How to deal with reboots (without surpressing them????

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How about, looking at the runonceexec threads and, check out how to set that up, now make yourself a couple (thats right more than 1) of batch file scripts and do something like this,

in guirunonce / or runonceexec (from windows installer)


Batchfile-1.cmd - in it set the first command for a driver install...


and in the same cmd file aslo put a new runonceexec command for batch-2.cmd to run after reboot...

in that (batch-2.cmd, you could probebly best choose to instal vga drivers next ...

afther that deside the order of dirvers to install, everytime inserting a new command, in you runoncexec (registry) to run the next driverinstall.cmd file ater reboot, until you are done....

method 2 would be to use nlite to slipstream your drivers into your windows source...

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