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Cannot Be Managed, Not Running Nt?


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I recently upgraded an XPPro machine to XP Service Pack 2 to a machine and now when I try to manage it over the network I get the message

\\machinename cannot be managed because it is not running Windows NT

but if I click OK, that I want to manage it anyway it all seems to work. While it works it shows a red X over the computer name.

Anyone have any ideas for what is going on?

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It's probably to do with the Windows Firewall. Try with firewall disabled and if problem goes away check the exclusions on the firewall before reenabling.

I am having the same problem except my machines are fresh installs of Windows XP SP2 in an AD domain. Firewall service is completely disabled (otherwise you wouldn't get the message about not running windows nt, instead you would get cannot find computer) and I've checked DNS which is 100% functional. I've also tried unjoining/rejoining computers to the domain with no success. This started happening earlier this year out of nowhere, and every new machine I add to the domain exhibits this problem. I am unable to find any information about this anywhere. What else is there to check on a fresh install?

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What is the answer to this? I'm also experiencing it, and we disable the firewall service via group policy. No Google answers out there.

Really? I found several, But I really liked this one:

After disabling 'NetBIOS over TCP/IP' via DHCP some of our computers

can not be managed remotely. So far, it seems only to affect computer

running Windows XP SP2. The strange thing is that this happens not all

of the time, sometimes after a reboot everything as OK and vice versa.

When attempting to connect to one of the computers in question using

computer management (from any server or workstation) one receives this


Computer \\computername cannot be managed because it is not running

Windows NT. Would you like to manage it anyway?

Some other remote administration tools do not work at all.

After using Wireshark it turned out the computer does identify itself

via Server Message Block (SMB) NetServerGetInfo as

'Server Type: 0x0000001' and not as 'Server Type: 0x0001003'.

That means that the computer identifies itself incorrectly only as

'Workstation' and not as 'Workstation', 'Server' and 'NT Workstation'.

I haven't experienced the problem personally, but hopefully this will help.

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