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Non-boot Cd


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Hi there,

I have a non bootable WinXP cd. Now the problem is; XPCREATE constantly keeps asking for XPCTBOOT.BIN.

Is there any workaround or solution? I have tried some options I found in some other topics but they didn't really work out. :(

Thanks in advance,

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Hi avanderbeek - welcome to MSFN

I have a non bootable WinXP cd.{/QUOTE}

There's your problem. If it doesnt boot (as it is) - ie, it doesnt contain the boot block to be ripped in order to use in xpcreate's build, then you will need to purchase a cd that *DOES* have a boot block.

Either your using the XP Update CD which I think, by its design is only designed to be installed "on top" of a existing version of windows and doesnt boot (as i recall - although I dont have one so cant be 100% on this) or you are using a illegal copy of windows which hasnt been copied properly or "a friends" copy that he/she has made for you.

Either way, you'll need a proper XP CD (OEM/Retail/Vol) to be able to extract a boot block from.



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That it_ybd beat me again!

Welcome, avanderbeek, to MSFN!

Yes, if you start with an unmodified installation of XPCREATE.INI, and an original WIndows CD, XPCREATE shuold find all it needs to create a bootable ISO. If you enter the CD driver letter in XPCREATE.INI, it should produce a bootable CD. Works for most everyone ...

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