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Open Saved Web Pages With Firefox?


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The OS [Win. XP Home Edit. SP2] is on the C:\ partition and I had Firefox 1.0 [installer vers.] installed to C:\Program Files.

I am now using F'fox 1.0.1 [.zip vers.] on the E:\ partition, after uninstalling F'fox 1.0.

IE has always been the default browser.

However, since F'fox has been in the E:\ part. all saved web pages [.htm & .html] open with IE, and I am not able to change to "opens with Firefox" by right click, Open With, Choose Program.

Is this somehow related to F'fox now being in the E:\ partition, or is it because of a difference between installing and extracting to a folder?

Short of putting F'fox back in C:\Program Files, or making F'fox the default browser, is there a way I can once again have all saved web pages open with F'fox?

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This leads to the same dialogue box as "right click, Open With, Choose Program", and the result is the same - nothing changes.

After making the appropriate selections Firefox still does not appear in the "Opens With" list.

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As stated in my OP " I am now using F'fox 1.0.1 [.zip vers.]".

From other information I gathered it seemed likely the issue was between .zip and installer versions of Firefox.

Sure enough, deleting the .zip vers. and installing the "installer" vers. has fixed the problem.

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