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Lga775 Cpu

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:( hi all

i assempled my new pc, p4 lga775 3.0 /1m/800 on soltek sl-865pro-775 and seagate 120sata and nvidia fx5500 256mb

its quit fast but ...

when i install office of any version or the hardware monitor that came with motherboard cds i receive error msgs like:

Error opening installation log file, verfiy that the specified log location exists and its writalbe...


this installation pakage could not be opened, verify that the pakage exists and you can access it, or contact the application vendor to varify that this is a valid windows installer pakage....

i dont know what to do

knowing that the same software i used with my previuos pc

intel865 + 2.8/1/800 p4 ht + 120 gb seagate sata and every thing went cool

why now they are not i dont know !!! please help

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i was working for 3 days to solve this problem and after i posted the question i found the probelm ???? and i solved it

i used a strange name as a user and it was "Abu `3azi" so windows looks like didnt deal with it so edited system properties, advanced, environment variabels and edited temp and tmp to c:\temp and every went ok


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