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Hello All - Forum Looks Great!


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hi all only just joined :hello:

i really really like the look of these boards and will be glad to be a part of it.

just been looking through some of the threads youve guys started and cant wait to get stuck in - i think i know what you mean

any way hope i fit in - im sure youll like me, im just an easy going happy go lucky soul (sometimes)

about me im 26 and im a bloke from uk essex actually.. yeh i know well at least i still got my health right? :boring: you guys got cool emoticons lol

my favourite time of the day is @ home eating dinner time.

originally i was looking around after wanting to slip stream an xp with sp2 drivers and apps like firewall a-v defragger normal things which are just mundane having to install after formating so thats why i signed up here cus of the tutes.

i wanna make a version of xp that just does everything i want it to do and be how i would have it anyway after some tweaking, just from one big install.

im not running away with idea - to be honest - im not even walking yet lol so any help, links and/or advice is not taken for granted wrapped up and sold on ebay for at least a pound

also after installing nLite i get this popup saying when double cliking it

nLite.exe - Application Error
The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminate the application

anyone had that or know about that?

Thanks for having me sorry if i havent read a pinned topic somewhere on that very subject or something and sorry for the lengthy reply.

Edit: reply? i meant post - doh!

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welcome :hello: . For the most part we are also a bunch of happy-go-lucky people just trying to make the best uA cd we can (uA = unattended for you unitiated folk).

I'd check in the nLite forum about that. I haven't tried the latest version of nLite yet (I assume you are running the latest, right?), so if it is an issue, it will be posted there.


You can do a search if you don't feel like pining through all those threads.


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