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Missing Files In Text Mode - Fixed?

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I recently decided to make an AIO CD that has XP SP2 Home, XP2 Pro, and ERD2005. Everything seemed to work fine, and I used Gosh's method to slim down the installs. I then created a winnt.sif, and edited all the files as explained.

However, when I would do an install I would get random file missing errors during the text install stage. There was never really any pattern to what files were missing, and I could ESC past all of them to complete setup, but this is obviously far from unattended.

After scouring the forums for a few hours I finally came across other suggestions to use a different 'expand.exe' and set out to find a better one. I finally found one in a random post (Sorry, don't have the post ID anymore), and after replacing the old with the new, now everything works fine.

I just wanted to post my success with this, so that other people can hopefully use this quick fix. I've included the file I downloaded in the post. Good luck and thanx for the great forum!

And just to clarify, you need to download this, then overwrite the version that is the I386 directory of your source files...and after that all should be well if this was your problem.


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