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Xp Sp2 Distribution Share Answer File

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Hi all,

This is my first post here. Basically I am on a Novell Network - so no domains OK!

I am trying to automate Windows installs, so I used the deployment tools to create the distribution share. I then used a Windows XP (Slipstreamed SP2) disc to put the files in the share using the manager, which worked succesfully.

I then went to create the answer file, (just a basic one at first) full unattended. I then booted up a machine into DOS with the network share mapped and ran the winnt.exe command and the system copied all the files across and then rebooted, it then installed the files and went to GUI setup mode, but it then prompts me to accept the EULA???

Whats going on!!

Can anyone help me with this, I do not know if I am using the right options to create the answer file and also the distribution share is using 8.3 format for file names?? I know it has to for DOS, but does it rename them back or not?!


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