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Installing Programs To Specific Dir ?


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Hi all,

It is great how many of u put time n effort in figuring out which app needs what switches, which i am gratefull for, but I do have 1 remark:

When I install applications, I always choose a different location for the files. Also I rarely choose standard options.

I hope the good list with programs and how to install can be upgraded with the options (at least the install directory switch..?) a programs has, so You can preconfigure the program a little.

I do have seen the install scripts, but i was hoping it could be done with switches...

Kind regards n keep up the good work all!



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Hello deduijk. :hello:

It depends on the type of installer you use. If the installer is an msi, you can easily change the installation directory. Unfortunately, not all installers are msi, and not all non-msi installers support changing installation directory.

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And for msi files how do you do that..? :blushing: B)

Maybe I should ask it in the sticky topic where there are a lot of programs with the silent switches?, then maybe the 'moderator' of that post can maybe fill in a few allready.

I will keep searching how I can install programs into a diff directory.., any1 very welcome to help.., as i am still a newbie in this all.



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the MSI file can also be called by MSIEXEC.EXE (located in C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\) to perform an interaction...


the msi installer will send the SETUP_PATH to ur MSI file...

for this case u'll have to call the *.msi file of ur setup, if u have an install shield setup that runs a MSI file u can also run the *.exe of your setup with switches: /s /v"INSTALLDIR="SETUP_PATH" /QB", then IS will send teh infos to the MSI file (so u got also the opportunity to use IS switches (like /L for choosing language....)

and if u got an IS setup u can use the -R switch to record the install, later u run the setup with the *.iss file and it'll be installed in the dir u recorded before.

Inno setups u can run with an *.inf file that has the components and location stored.

detailed info about all these u can find on the msfn guide site (determing what installer and what switches there are)

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