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Unattended Install on Laptop

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It might be your graphics card drivers. Try adding your laptop drivers to your CD.

Elduderino confirmed with Microsoft that OOBE wont work at 640x480 (?). See his posts at http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...&hl=oobe&st=10#

Thank you Dahi!!!! This makes sense as my laptop was defaulting to the wrong resolution because of different video cards. I also have a resolution value set in the wininit.sif file that isn't supported because of the lack of proper drivers. I will try this and confirm whether it works or not this evening. I am willing to bet that it will!!!

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I have had this problem so many times.

Glad you got it fixed. It has to do with the resolution as stated. The out of the box experence has to have a particular res or it will not even start. Thus you cant create your logins.

I'm curious is there a way to create logins without the out of the box thing? I do not want to create the same logins every time. I like to pick them per install. I know you can add logins manually, but I like to change them per install.

I have always had to keep that 5mb out of the box MS crap and I'd love to get rip of it from my install if possible.

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