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PXE from Linux PXE Server


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Ok, I'm very interested in your work, especially of the linux team.

-What linux tftp server did you use? atftpd? hpatftp?

-What's version of PXELinux? The last release?

-What's version of WinPe? WinPe 1.6?

-What's version of dhcp server?

-Kernel version?

-Entries in dhcpd.conf? log here please.

-Modifications on the windows side?

-Relevant notes?

Thank you very much.

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Ok, I'm very interested in your work, especially of the linux team.

So am I... :P

I will be collecting this info from my Linux team so I can DOC it out.

I can answer your questions at a later time. Sorry. I'm a newbie when it comes to Linux.

I can tell you we had to use a different TFTP server because of the file size. (158 meg ISO) and we had to change the block size.


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Well, I've been successful getting WinPE to PXE boot using tftpd32 under Windows, but I'm still having problems getting it to PXE boot under Debian Linux. Right now, I'm trying to use tftpd-hpa as my tftp server. It brings across startrom.com, but then the client machine screen reports: "TFTP Download Failed". I perused a hex dump of startrom.com and found this string in there, so I'm assuming that startrom.com is getting tftp'd across, but failing when it tries to bring NTLDR over (or make it execute).

Chris, can you tell me which tftp server your team is using? I think if I knew which tftp server someone got to succeed, I could puzzle the rest out. If I can get it to work, I'll be happy to post my results here as well.



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