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Microsoft Streets and Trips 2005 silent cd2 issue


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Hey guys, hoping someone can help me here. I am trying to do a silent install of Streets and Trips 2005 to use on my unattended DVD.

I have already combined both CDs into one place and successfully did an admin install first and have my data.mst file all ready to go. The total size is 1.2 GB and works great as long as I run it from the hard drive. But as soon as I burn this streets folder to DVD the install only works half way until it asks for CD2. It never asks for CD2 when I run the same data.msi from the hard drive??? Anyone know how to solve this?

This is the command line I am using

data.msi transforms=data.mst /passive /norestart

but have also tested a manual isntall by just clicking data.msi and walking through it. Aagain it works fine if run from a folder on the hard drive but will not complete when run from DVD. I assume this has something to do with needing write access? Would be nice to solve this without having to first copy the 1.2gb to hard drive and run install from there.


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Mine installs fine from the DVD (didn't test in silent mode although).

Option #1 What I did is copy the Second cd to a folder first then copied the first CD into the folder. I had probelms if copying the first cd in then the second. Overwrite all existing files.

Option #2 there is only like 1 or 2 fiels you really need on cd to under the data directories I believe jsut copy those into a folder containg your cd 1. Don't worry about the rest of the cd structure like pocket streets (make sure you get any maps in there if they exist and copy them too).

I also have on my dvd Mappoint 2004 in a sperate folder (2cds combined) and works fine this way. Now I jsut need to see if i can figure out how to combine S&T 2005 and Mappoint as they seem to use the same data sources.


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I did the /a administrative install straight from the CD.

From Run... on the start menu:

D:\Setup_ST.exe /a

Then I just went through the install as per normal, it asks you to insert the Run Disc, I did that, and everything you need is in the folder you specify during the administrative install.

Then I just played around with the Setup_ST.ini file that's in the folder specified in the administrative install.

The pertinent points in mine to get a silent install that runs completely from the hard drive look like this:



I'm pretty sure that the RUNTIME=False is what gets you to get the entire installation on the hard drive. If you open up the Setup_ST.ini, each section is explained fairly well, just make sure you remove the ; prefixing any comments you edit and want to keep.

Another thing you might try doing is using the Cutom Installation Wizard of the Microsoft Office ORK to make a transfrom. I tried it and it seemed to work. However, the ORK tells you that you may not get the proper reults considering that it's not Office. The only reason I tried in the first place is because i tried a /? switch on the Setup_ST.exe and it told me to go to to the Office ORK page for support on command line parameters. In any case, the first method works like a charm.

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I also hv 2 Cds for my MST 2005

Can u guys tell me how i can combine the two CDS into one.

Does not hv to be silent installed.

ok I followed the instruction to place cd2 on my hard drive and copy cd1 onto it.

I did a full install and it worked!

Now how do i do a silent install?

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The AIP turned out to be 1.03 GB. Not too shabby! The stats from the original are as follows:

577 MB (Install Disc)

+ 494 MB (Run Disc)

1071 MB (1.05 GB)

So the admin install makes it very slightly smaller (insignificantly really). However, this method is very smooth, requires no switches, and works very well.

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