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OEM Information & Logo..


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option 1 is manageable.

option 2 i have just tried but that system32 dosn't work on this slow machine..

option 3 is what i think was missing :))

it's a solved thread

thank u guys..

i have one left question if u don't mind..can i unmake a cab in other words shift from oemlogo.bm_ to oemlogo.bmp?

is that possible? is these any commands or tool that can do that?

please help me.

thank you in advance

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hello again..

i have expanded the oemlogo.gi_ that was the only "oemlogo" so i assume that is the one used for the logo..with a slight change from bmp to gif..after expanding that file and view it using restuner i discovered that the logo on the system property is different than the one in the oemlogo.gi_.

can we assume that the oemlogo.gi_ is not the logo file we are looking for?

thank you guys

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Hello guys..

i think things are clearer now than before, but u know while working on this i have discovered a new method that was used in an unattended XP cd by some fellas..and here is the method he used:

both oemlogo.bmp and the oemifo.ini are created and then are put inside a folder called system32 and compressed with winrar then created as a self extractor..as a result we get an OEMLOGO.EXE.

the full path will be like this:


once the applications are copied to the hard drive they will be executed. so OEMLOGO.exe will be copied to system32 :))

that's the same method using other techniques :)

please do correct me guys if there is any mistake..and thank you much

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I didn't notice anything copy over from the $OEM$\$1 or $OEM$\$$ directories until I added a FactoryMode=Yes in the unattended section.

I read through this but I either missed someone saying it (I appologize if someone did) or it was not said. Or I am completely off my rocker (most likely). :)


FactoryMode = YES

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u could put it in i386 folder cabbed & set the directories in sourcedisksFiles (in txtsetup.sif) which is harder, but more professional looking if thats what your going 4

What's gonna happen if I don't compress the files to a cab?

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