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unattended Installation Installes to wrong drive

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After searching the forums and web and not having any success with locating an answer to this problem I Bring my question to the guru's here. I have 2 problems and need help.

1. I have 2 hard drives, 1 80 gig and 1 ten gig, The 80 gig is partitioned into 3 drives, C: E and F and the 10 Gig is D. I created an unattend file and it works allmost perfectly, EXCEPT that it installed /windows to my D drive instead of the newly formatted C: is there a way to force Winnt.sif to install only to c:\windows without having to do it manually?

2. The Second problem I have is after the System boots for the second time and Installation is complete the computer asks me to input user accouns even though my Winnt.sif allready was supposed to to it. However When i try and create the account "matt" it tells me that "the user account must not be equal to MATT, ADMINSTRATIOR, Or GUEST". After creating a bogus account the Automatic updates screen pops up asking me how I want to handle auto updates even though I have the AutomaticUpdates=1 switch in my settings. Any Suggestions?




   FullName="My Name"
   OrgName="My Company"





Thanks in advance for any help :)

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Just make sure that C: is the first partition on the first drive, and Windows should install it there.


- Your winnt.sif can't create user accounts.

- The reason your account name can't be Matt is because your computername is already Matt.

- If you don't see the Help Protect Your PC page in OOBE, the AutomaticUpdates switch is working.

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Taking your advice into consideration, I removed the Auto setup for partition In my winnt.sif file and checked the partitions text section of XP setup... The setup tells me that there is 40 gig HDD and a 10 gig HDD (my mistake on the HDD sizes I sold my older ones)

38163 MB disk 0 at ID 0 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

C: partition 1 (windows) [Fat32] 98982 MB (free 9881)

E: Partition 2 (games) [fat32] 9892 Mb (Free 8239)

F: partition 3 (Music) [Fat32] 18379 Mb (free 6606)

9982 Mb disk 0 at id 1 on bus 0 on atapi [MBR]

D Partition1 (backup) [fat32] 9982 Mb (free 3750)

Select Which drive... blah blah weve all seen it before... How to I force it to install on C no matter what?

And as for the fact that what sort of big deal is it that The partition be selected... I'll EVENTUALLY be doing this Install over networks and remote implementaion... I'm testing this on my home pc using My default apps, but i wont be at the workstation and some of these PC's have multiple hard drives with multiple Partitions.

Would appreciate any further help on this matter


Matt Wells

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Ok, After spending the last few days working on this I seem to have all of my Issues with the creation of users fixed... My uA CD is coming along well.. however... i STILL have it installing to my D drive.

I have read that I can use the winnt.bat file to run the winnt.exe command and use the /t:<drive> to make sure that windows Installs on the proper drive, yet now I have 2 issues with THIS...

1. It seems that the only way that I can run the /t switch is through either a script or command prompt. however, i dont want to run it from a floppy so, Will placing thw winnt.bat file in the i386 folder run the batch file in leu of the .exe? or does the exe have priority

2. Would it be possible to edit the Way winnt.exe runs from the cd? I would like to be able to tell it to use the /t switch automatically Without having to use a floppy or use the Batch file at all if possible.

The way I had my Computer configured before was both hard drives on the same IDE0 ibbon and Both CD roms On IDE1, In an attempt to force XP to install on C instead of D I changed the Drives so I have 1 HDD and 1 Cd on each Ribbon and still no go.

ANOTHER problem i had when i was testing all of this.. and the batch file was ran from Floppy was That windows Text Setup copied a few files to the correct drive.. Yet before The progress bar came up for file copy progress (still in text mode here) The HDD was working frantically and Setup Said "please wait wile windows copies files to your hard Drive" So, i waited... All night... just left the darn thing on all night... came back this AM and still on same screen, hard drive Frantically doing SOMETHING, But I dont know what. I ran across this same problem on another forum somewhere But no one gave him an answer on that at all. was hoping to discover an answer here in case i DO auctually have to wind up using that batch

Thanks in advance.


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