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Anyone seen this? programs appear unformated


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Hi all

Bit of a confusing one this and as time is short, I'll have to be brief...

Been looking at a computer with Windows XP SP2 on it which someone had been messing (i think) with the unicode settings in the Regional Settings.

As it was on the US settings anyway, I changed it to UK, restarted and the Start Menu and all other displayed fonts appeared correctly (this was the initial problem in the first place).

However, in the process of fixing it, I discovered that some programs ...er... "didnt look right" (displayed incorrectly) as for example, if I load Norton Antivirus up, it looks all over the place - see the attachment.

I've seen other programs display incorrectly in the past, including websites displayed incorrectly in the same way, but have never found a solution.

Anyone have an idea except formatting and starting again? Have tried all sorts of repair techniques in the past and its beaten me every time :@ Even the reinstalling windows using the repair option doesnt help either.

Hope someone can help.

Best regards & Season greetings,

Nathan H.


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@SilverBulletUK and oftentired

Afraid not - had a look at both suggestions and put them back to the default settings as best as possible.

No indication of any sort of change unfortunately...

some sort of gui problem as previously (not with this machine) i've seen outlook look like how norton looks and Internet explorer displaying pages incorrectly (in the same sort of way as how norton looks).

Any other ideas?

I know that some cleaner was run on it and it cleared a load of files it shouldnt have - which caused the initial problem :@

People fiddle "too much" i think lol



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