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Setting up a server through Windows XP


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Hi. i'm just a beginner in using Windows Xp at an advanced Level.

I was wondering i want to set up a server using the FTP setup, but i have no idea what to do

can help me.

At the moment i am on a network that uses a router that goes to our ISP

all i simply want is for a computer outside anywhere around the world to access my computer

Basically i want to create a server, where my computer acts as a server.

If you don't know how to use Windows Xp in this way, do you know how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2003, as i have this product also but no idea on how to use it

Can you pls help me

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You need XP Pro for the following...

Start | Control Panel | Add/Remove Windows Components | Internet Information Services (IIS). Install IIS by checking that box.

If you go into IIS once it's installed you should be able to figure it out. You'll also need to forward port 21 to your computer's IP on your router.

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Yea i i can get that far, but the only problem is that i have no idea how to do port forwarding, n how does this work like wat does it do precisely

An another thing is that is there any other way that a router can direct incoming users to the server without port following

thanks all

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