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  1. hey everybody..... i'm really new at this and i have just got a new router..... What i basically want to do is set up a server so that like people(friends) in another country can access my server, i have a dynamic ip address, so that causes a problem can anyone give me a hand in basically spelling out how to configre my router to forward any access through a port to my server.... and in a nut shell wat port forwarding IS, cos i have been told a few explanations about it, and now i'm freakin confused, so could someone or somepeople concur in the best explanation for beginnners like me cheers all, ur helps is greatly need
  2. so ur answer is No that mirroring using software is not possible however wat made me consider this was that in WINDOWS NT i read that it had the ability to do hard disk mirroring and the connection of the hard disks did not matter they simply were a primary and a secondary hard disk but i'm sure that it would be possible to have a bit of software that recognises that something has been written to the hard disk and just copies it and writes it to the other hard disk But thanks for all your help again although i am a beginner, i'm learning a bit more, cheers all
  3. no the thing is that i am familiar with this term.... its just that in this new topic i was looking for more or less a way of mirroring ur hard disk through windows xp with out having to buy anything extra or buying an more cables just simply: 1. Windows XP 2. 2 hard disks 3. writing on to two hard disk simutaneously (the same data of course) 4. Without buying anything else all i want to know is that can this be done and if not can you download a program from the net that will enable this to be done thanks for all ur input to
  4. Yeah...... well wat u said is a little bit to advanced for me dude, could u like slow down, cos first of all where do i find this RAID 1 and the Acronis and all that is it free or do u have to pay for it if it is free where can i get it? This Disk managment thing, i read about it a little but it said that it was found in Windows NT, i tried to look for it in Windows XP but couldn't find it am i looking in the wrong places, WHERE SHOULD I LOOK?
  5. HI everyone, i was trying to backup my machine, and rather than spend heaps of money (that i need so dearly ) is it possible to mirror your primary hard disk to ur secondary hard disk if it is possible, can u help me in doing so.... i'm pretty poor when it come to this stuff And are there any other ways of backing up ur computer if the event was that ur whole hard disk failed... are there other ways of backing up ur hard disk constantly like mirror.... how due to the money shortages, are there free methods or methods that Microsoft provides thanks all, ur help is appreciated
  6. Yea i i can get that far, but the only problem is that i have no idea how to do port forwarding, n how does this work like wat does it do precisely An another thing is that is there any other way that a router can direct incoming users to the server without port following thanks all
  7. Hi. i'm just a beginner in using Windows Xp at an advanced Level. I was wondering i want to set up a server using the FTP setup, but i have no idea what to do can help me. At the moment i am on a network that uses a router that goes to our ISP all i simply want is for a computer outside anywhere around the world to access my computer Basically i want to create a server, where my computer acts as a server. If you don't know how to use Windows Xp in this way, do you know how to use Microsoft Windows Server 2003, as i have this product also but no idea on how to use it Can you pls help me

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