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About 20% of the time when using Wordpad the right click context menu does not appear.

Rebooting restores the function. The OS is Win. XP Home Edit. SP1 and I haven't noticed this problem - or any other problems - in other applications.

Any ideas, suggestions, as to cause and remedy?

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What are you doing at the time? If you're performing a very complex high level task, then Notepad may not see, or may not get the MouseMessage... Also, sometimes it might take a while for the menu to show up due to the WinXP kernal pathways...

Also, what software are you running, it is possible that that software is intercepting the mouse message and not passing it on, IE: keylogger software.

However, you should pay attention only to this if reinstalling wordpad doesnt work, because if that doesnt work then there is possibly a prob with other software, or the OS install itself. You should also ask yourself when the prob showed up, what had you done...

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