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can't get Runonce to wait for EZ CD to fnish

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Hi all,

Having some issues getting the runonceEX to wait for EZ CD 6.0 to finish before going to the next install.

After it starts the install only a few seconds later the system try's to run the next install and fails it and halts until selecting ok.

Also I have a batch file that must run on the end and it causes 6 reboots so I can not place it on the end.


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According to Micorsoft, the double pipes are required for app installs or executions. I tried it both ways, with and without and doesn't seem to make a difference. But keeping htem in seems to be the way the MS would prefer it.


Te CD-ROM | CD_ROM just goes to show how you can miss type and still get an example out :lol:

This was more of an example that I had tried both using CDROM and SYSTEMDRIVE both still fail to wait long enough before the next app starts... .NET1.1 and it fails.

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