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Device Driver Backup.


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I'm seeking device driver backup software - freeware or purchase - to enable driver restoration after an OS reinstall.

A quick search brings up quite a few candidates and all read well - which may, or may not, be the case.

Not knowing anything of such products, I would appreciate any comments, advice, or experiences regarding same.

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here is 1 , just install it and click try it gives you 30 days trial and u can do all u need in that time

Q: What's the difference between "Search Third-Party Drivers" and "Search All Drivers" submenu of Backup button in the toolbar?

A: Windows contained a lot of device drivers. The difference between "Search Third-Party Drivers" and "Search All Drivers" is that the former one searches all device drivers including those contained within Windows while the latter one only searches drivers not contained in Windows. Device drivers which are contained in Windows operating system are automatically installed when your install system, so it is not necessary to back them up.



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