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I'm a little confused with the cmdlines.txt. What kind of commands can you put in there ? Is it like a batch file ? Can I use the file for every command ?

Is there anything special I should know about it ?

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Here is a sample of my cmdlines.txt





should give you an idea of what you can do.

These all install at the T-12 stage of setup.

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Do I have to use exactly this ? With the dots and Command_x after ?

the dots are ellipses and the Command_1 and command_x simply show that you can have an infinite number of commands (perhaps).

The commands should be enclosed in quotes, and should actually be commands. But CMDLINES.TXT is NOT A BATCH FILE. It's a VERY limited command interface, and most people call a CMD files so they CAN use all the capabilities of a batch file.

you've been given examples of what it can be used for. Look at them.

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the syntax of the commands in cmdlines.txt look no different from the commands in a normal batch file, save for that they have quotes around them. are the quotes necessary?

and regardless of that, could the contents of the batch file just be put in cmdlines.txt, under [Commands] (and with or without quotes)?

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