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FTPRush AutoIT Script problems


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EDIT: gon freecs has saved my day!

Here is the AutoIT Script for FTPRush

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Set up our defaults/Variables

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

AutoItSetOption ( "WinTitleMatchMode", 1 )



; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

; Script Start

; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Run  ( "FTPRush.exe /S")

ProcessWaitClose ( "FTPRush.exe")

; Runs the installer silently and waits for its end

FileDelete(@DesktopDir & "\FTPRush.lnk")

;Removes the desktop shortcut

Run(@ProgramFilesDir & "\FTPRush\FtpRush.exe")

;A silent install doesn't start ftprush, so it must be done "manually"

WinWaitActive ( "About FTPRush" )

Send  ( "{ENTER}" )

WinWaitActive ( "Confirm" )

Send  ( "!Y" )

WinWaitActive ( "Enter Key" )

; by default the "name" cell is activated, so just send your name


; goes to the "key" cell by pressing tab


; sends your key


; goes to the "ok" button and validate

Send("{TAB 2}{ENTER}")

; Closes ftprush


Thanks again gon freecs :thumbup

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