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net use ?

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The net use command is missing som feature that i need. I see that is possible to map any netbios name with share or IP with share, but it is impossible to map a domain-name with share.

Net use works with this syntax:

net use * \\IP\share password /user:username and

net use * \\NetBiosName\share password /user:username

but not this:

net use * \\host.domain.com\share password /user:username

Is there any powertool i can use to make this possible. I am installing unattended software from many places in my network and i need to install application from a station that is mapped to a network share from a host.domain.com

Any who know?

(sorry my bad english)

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At least from XP a NET USE does accept using the FQDN.

Status Local Remote Network


OK J: \\FS1\Junk Microsoft Windows Network

OK L: \\FS1\Apps Microsoft Windows Network

OK S: \\FS1\Shared Microsoft Windows Network

OK Z: \\fs1.cityone.net\install$ Microsoft Windows Network

Are you attaching to Windows servers? Samba shares??

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