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Copying Additional Files during the Installation

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Hi everybody,

I want to make an unattended win98SE and I want to install some applications.

First I have problem with skipping EULA, but find that the problem is in my CD. It was OEM not retail. (Solved)

But now I want to add some additional apps, but how? I found a way of doing that, but after 2 days experiments I'm gona freak out. Here is the guide I've been folowing:


But every time I try to understand when I'm wrong - I start to thing that I'm stupid. :blushing:

If someone alredy made an copying of files, and instaling them silently - please help. Or someone who can make an simple example with directory tree, because I've try to put Install dir inside win98 dir, and outside, but the result was the same - some errors.

Especialy I can't understand this:


When I try with this way, the setup told me to insert CD Labeled "MyFilesSource"?!

Sorry, but I never thing that this will be so dificult. Maybe the unattended XP encourage me to do this, but in the office I've work there is so many old computers, and my boss don't want to have other OS than win98.

Please help. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Excuse my English.


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