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Possible to add shortcuts to pinned menu?


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I tried comparing the reg before and after of adding a shortcut to the pinned portion of the normal view xp start menu and it didnt look as though there was an obvious reg twak that could be made...

Anyone know if its possible to pin shorcuts to the start menu (ie: where IE and OE normally are by default) during unattended?


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Pinned items are stored in this key:


After you pin the items you want to the Start menu, log off and then back on and export that key to use in your reg tweaks. I did this from within vmware after testing my installation.

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So Ive been trying to get this to work and have had no luck thus far...

After setting up my start menu the way I wanted, I exported the StartPage hive, I first tried simply placing it in my regtweaks file thats called at the end of my runonceex.cmd, which didnt work.

I then thought it may be the same deal as the taskbar reg stuff (quicklaunch, 2lines, etc), where it needs to be imported prior to the 1st logon, so thats when I placed it in its own reg file and called it from a seperate batch file which is called before my runonceex is from cmdlines.txt.

This didnt work either.

Anyone have any suggestions on this and know the "proper" way this reg entry needs to be imported?


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I was recently looking for ways to do this and I was able to adapt the code here for my needs:

Excluding XP Start Menu pinned items from roaming profile

This guy demonstrates how to call the context menus for existing shortcuts to programmatically create the 'pinned' links on the left without reverse engineering microsoft's binary obfuscation.

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