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Auto arrange desktop icons


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Forgive me if this is addressed elsewhere, but I could not find it by searching...

How can I have my computer automatically set to auto-arrange icons on my desktop? I can't figure out where this setting is stored.


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Thanks, jrzycrim. Looks like exactly what I need.

BTW, I figured out why I couldn't find the very obvious thread you linked to - I was only using the Google search, and it doesn't report it. Using the forum search (which I didn't even realize existed until just a few minutes ago) did the trick. Oops. :blushing:

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Here's the tweak to Auto Arrange Desktop Icons (the ex. if for 'by name'.

Use: Sort=dword:00000000 by Name,

01 by Type

02 by Size

03 by Date


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

;Auto arrange Desktop icons, by name




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