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Setting drive labels thruogh the registry


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During my unattended setup I'd like to set drive labels for partition C: and D:. On this forum I found a useful registry entry to accomplish this:

;Set label for drive c:
@="System - NTFS"

This works great, so I thought to use the same method for drive D:

;Set label for drive d:
@="Documents - NTFS"

But this doesn't work... The drives are preformatted with NTFS prior to Windows XP setup starts.

What am I doing wrong?

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The below reg syntax is working well with me :

;Change Drive name and icon
@="Futile Drive"
;change my drive icons

And i wanted to know whether there is a way to substitute drive letter(A, C) in the above code with something like %systemdrive% coz this tweak is applied from an unattended install and i never know which would be the XP system drive. (If C has win2k, i would install XP in D: and would wish to apply the label to D: as WinXP. In another computer, I would install in C: and would label C: as WinXP, with this tweak).

BTW, i wanted to change the account picture using registry, but it never worked as i tried many times.

;Change Account Picture

AccPic.bmp is 48*48 bitmap. I replaced %windir% with C:, but it still doesnt work. Anyone have a solution?

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