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ntoskrnl.exe error while loading SP1


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I got the following error while loading SP1 on XP.

Windows could not start because the follwoing file is missing or corrupt: <windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe. Please re-install a copy of the above file.

Problem I have is I cant get past this message. Wont let me start in safe mode, previously saved installs, etc....

I have another computer exactly like the affected computer so I planned on copying ntoskrnl.exe from the good one to the bad one but I cant get past the error message....

any suggestions...

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so you're installing SP1 into XP, not doing a slipstream install? can I ask why SP1 vs SP2? when does it give you the message? ntoskrnl is the actual kernel running XP (hence NT-winnt OS-operating sys KRNL-kernel)...essentially, that file is what XP boils down do in its most basic form (kinda...). Thats interesting becuase if that was corrupt, you would probably be having some weird effects in XP...did the comp come w/ XP installed or did you install XP later (after a format, for example)? If so, was it from a CD image (iso) or an actual retail XP CD? if its the latter, the file is probably fine, the installation prog is just being stupid. are you using the network admin SP1 file (the 100-200+MB file) or are you doing it through windows update? have you tried doing the other one or redownloading the file?

FYI, I actually have no idea what the problem could be, I'm just trying to provide workaround info ;) I had a similar problem with ntmpkrnl.exe when I was installing windows, and the problem was a corrupt CD image.

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