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Registry Permissions in Windows XP


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*** cross posted from NT4/2000/2003 ***

We need to give a group permissions in the registry (HKCR and below) and have been using Microsoft's SubinACL.exe utility to do it. While the docs say that SubinACL can apply multiple perms at once to files using the same logic on the registry (just add the extra perms to the command) doesn't seem to work.

The command is:

subinacl /keyreg HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes /grant=INTERACTIVE=F

With files the MS example is:


The task in this example is to grant Domain1\User1 the PACEs of Execute and Take Ownership on the file C:\Test.txt. Type the following at the command line:

subinacl /file C:\TEST.TXT /grant=domain1\user1=xo


but entering more than one perm after the /grant=GROUP= fails. I also tried running it multiple times but the perms were replaced.

Anyone been able to do this?


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