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How to handle Norton Ghost 9.0

3S Doc

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I tried something a little different

I downloaded Orca.msi - msi editor

I opened ghost.msi

I search for setup.exe

u will find this

Installed OR PATCH OR (Not SYMSETUP=0)

change to

Installed OR PATCH OR (Not SYMSETUP=1)

and save

I use msiexec.exe /i ghost.msi /qn /norestart
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Astalavista is right. SYSMSETUP is the property that checks the existence of the setup.exe. There is an easier and safer way to install this software.

1. From the original cd, run setup.exe /a to get the aip.

2. Install it using this switch

start /w "Norton Ghost 9.0.msi" /q* SYMSETUP=1

You don't have to edit the msi, because SYMSETUP is a public property. That means you can modify it from the commandline.

Note: Replace the * with b or n

EDIT: Astalavista told me that this switch might cause the installer to reboot at the end of the installation. Then maybe try adding reboot=reallysuppress

And for the registration, try isx_serialnum=xxxxxxx I'm not sure if it will work.

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I don't understand the /a install...

If a do a setup /a, it copies a "Norton Ghost 9.0.msi" on the C root (however I can change the path during this installation), and that's all !

So I have only a .msi (about 5 Mo)... If I try to install Ghost using this .msi with

start /w "Norton Ghost 9.0.msi" symsetup=1 reboot=reallysuppress /qn
setup tells me some files are missing from \Program Files, \System32 etc.

What's wrong ?

Do I need to copy the files from the CD ?

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Hello mrjojo.

The /a is the network install. When you do that, it will copy the required installation file to the folder that you specify. For example, you select the folder C:\NortonGhost . It will copy all the files you need to that folder. You should have the Norton Ghost.msi, program files folder, Redist folder, and System32 folder. :)

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I've actually found since trying to install norton ghost and registering it myself that it doesn't use registery entries to store the product key.

It stores the product key in a file called symlcrst.dll in Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccpd-lc.

If you look at this topic ----> http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=35418, it tells you how to install it.

The only problem that may be encountered tho, is that it may be machine specific, like the internet security and the anti-virus.

But thats something that I can't test because I've only got the one computer to play about with.

That file is not even on my system after ghost 9.0 is installed and registered so.

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