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FlashGet 1.65 Questions


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I made this small EXE using winrar to remove the Google toolbar Sliently.

The EXE Contains

1. Rego.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



2. Rego.cmd Updated

regedit /S "%PROGRAMFILES%\Google\rego.reg"

REGSVR32 /U /S "%PROGRAMFILES%\Google\GoogleToolbar1.dll"

REGSVR32 /U /S "%PROGRAMFILES%\Google\GoogleToolbar2.dll"



this file should UN remove google toolbar... I hope this is helpful for everyone....

Ps: my google folder had GoogleToolbar1.dll and GoogleToolbar2.dll... so i added both to be unreg.

***The SFX RaR is fixed now :-s my WINRAR file was currupted due to which it output exe was not working fine ***

Sorry Guys... But its fine


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Thnx a lot.

Theoreticaly it must work. I`ll try )

EDIT: IT NOT WORKS! Then installing comes a error about "File system32\config.nt is not used in Windows aplications bla-bla-bla ...." and nothing happend. **** Google still appear!!!

Please do smthg !

Now i try my sol with unregister and delete google .dll

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I modify the rego.cmd for:

@Echo Off
cmdow @ /HID
regedit /S "rego.reg"
REGSVR32 /U /S "GoogleToolbar1.dll"
RD /S /Q "%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Archivos de Programa\Google"

And it Works for me, becouse the old one don't works for me.

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or else can we pack the flashget 1.71 with winrar?

without google bar and with registration key etc.

Just have been looking for it.

it works!!

This is what you have to do:

- install FG on a clean pc

- set it up like you want it

- enter registration key if you have one

- create an SFX of the FlashGet folder (<disc>:\Program Files\FlashGet)

- then create a reg key of this folder: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JetCar]

All your settings and your registration is in there

- then when installing xp/2003, run the SFX, add the key and it's done! FG is working perfect then!

enjoy ;)

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