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Installing Fonts (Temporarly)?


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I want to install fonts with a batch file without having to restart window and i would like to have two possibilities: a normal installation and a temporarly installation.

because i often have to install quickly some fonts for a specific project, so i would like to have a fonts folder in every of my projects folders and a simple batch script that would do the installation. i don't want to install a typemanager.

i have a solution yet, but it could probably be better - i'm not a batch scripting professional...

for a temporarly font installation i use this batch-script:


FOR /F "delims=;" %%a IN ('Dir .\Fonts /B /A-D-H-S /S') DO CMDOW /RUN /HID fontview %%a


the script opens every font in every subfolder with windows-fontview. i used "cmdow"-tool (http://www.commandline.co.uk/cmdow/) to hide the fontview window. if you open a font with fontview, the font is loaded into memory and you can use it in every application.

i don't like this solution very much, because for every font i open an own instance of fontview and i don't think that's very memory-efficient...

somebody has a better idea???

for temporarly deinstallation i just taskkill fontview:


taskkill.exe /F /IM fontview.exe


for a permanent font installation i use this batch-script:


FOR /F "delims=;" %%a IN ('Dir .\Fonts /B /A-D-H-S /S') DO COPY "%%a" "%WINDIR%\Fonts"


i just copy all fonts to the windows fonts directory.

the negative: you have to do a restart before you can use these fonts, because their have some registry entries to be done.(http://www.jsiinc.com/SUBB/tip0500/rh0527.htm)

i would like to do the registry entry myself after copying the fonts(so i assume that i don't need to restart?!), but i don't know how to get the font-name. the font name is not the font-file-name.

for example:

font-name: "Bitstream Cyberbit (TrueType)"


(and this batch don't work for postscript-fonts, but that's ok for me)

If somebody has a good idea, you can make me happy!!! :)

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i use this registry key on my unattended disc, the fonts are in my windows folder (not in fonts) before adding these keys

;add fonts from windows folder

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts]

"Silkscreen (TrueType)"="SLKSCR.TTF"

"Silkscreen Extended (TrueType)"="SLKSCRE.TTF"

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thanks but that doesn't help because i don't want to make a reg-file with all the keys in it. it's too much work.

i found out an interesting thing. when i open the fonts in my batch file with fontview and taskkill fontview afterwards, the fonts are still in memory.

but i don't know how long windows xp keeps the fonts in memory, perhaps until you do a restart?

that's the batch for the temporary installation. for me it works at the moment (and no need for CMDOW):


FOR /F "delims=;" %%a IN ('Dir .\Fonts /B /A-D-H-S /S') DO Start /MIN fontview %%a

taskkill.exe /F /IM fontview.exe


for the permanent installation it seems that windows does the registry keys itself. so just copying is enough.

i just have sometimes a problem to uninstall the fonts afterwards. even with "DEL /F " i can't delete/access installed fonts anymore. probably this happens when they are in use by another application.

so their are still some open questions...

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