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Xp SP2 Boot Screen, Simple method plz.


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Hey guys, ive seen and read afew ways of changing the boot screens but i cant seem to make them work. I installed a Boot randomizer and it worked fine but i want to have it set to 1 custom boot screen when i install windows and not have to worry about installing little dinkie bits of software for things i SHOULD be able to do but dont have the knowledge yet.

Windows has still got File protection enabled but i figure if i change ALL the files then it shouldnt matter because it hasnt got anything but MY version of the file.

I found copies of ntoskrnl.exe in my "system32" and in "dllcache" directories and modified both under the command prompt. The file size on both these is now the same as the one i want and everything looks to be fine. I do a reboot and for some reason it search's the floppy drive now and then gets started with the standard windows boot screen. Ive done the logon screen and it works great thanx, this is a little problem i hope to overcome with your help.

After this i wanna see how if i can skin windows like some of those programs like windonwsBlinds etc do. But having done no searching or research on that i dont need help with that just yet.

Please help. If its a reg thing great ill add it to my reg tweaks file, if its a file overrite i can do that also. I just want to avoid at all costs little bits of software to do 1 thing that will never be changed.

Thanks for listening.

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