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Factory or Manually slipstreamed to SP1?


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I'm not exactly able to understand what you have written, but still, maybe the info you were looking for is below:

No matter whether SP2 was slip-streamed manually or "Factory" (as you say), the final product is the same. How to identify if the CD has SP2 integrated? You'll find a file in the CD-root folder called "setupxp.htm" on XP+SP2 CDs.

You can conclude that the XP CD was manually slip-streamed with SP1/SP2, if the "DOTNETFX" folder is not present in the CD-root (it will be present in the CMPNENTS folder, but that's not what we're looking for). On the other hand, if that folder does exist in the root of the CD, you can infer that the CD is "Factory" (either OEM or Retail-from-Microsoft).

You can know that SP1 was slip-streamed into the CD at some point of time, if any file with a "*.SP1" extension is present in the root of the CD. If SP2 was slip-streamed on top of this CD, the only negative is that the resulting space occupied by the files is more (RTM+SP1 junk+SP2). Starting out with an RTM (no ServicePack) CD, integrating SP1 onto it, and then integrating SP2 as well, results in a perfectly fine CD, no problems.

The real issue you might be referring to in the second half of your post, might be that OEM (Factory) CDs which come with SP1 already slip-streamed seem to have problems when you want to integrate SP2 into them, or when you try unattending them. This is because some OEMs customize their WinXP CDs, to modify a few things for themselves. In such cases, you do see problems. The only solution then is to start with a normal CD, and put aside the OEM-provided disc.

Now...... what special tips can be given here? Well, just having a look around in the forums should help - AFAIK, this entire site is littered with tips.

Hoping this helps...

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Thanks. Maybe my engrish was a bit "different" from standard stuff,

did not put the wording right probably...

But you did cover just about every angle on the issue.


My main interest was:

Basically, just wondering if there is and XP Pro corp out there for sale

that has SP1 integrated by microsoft.

That was what I meant by "factory" in the first post, didnt think of the OEM option at all.

And, if there are differences between who did the slipstreaming and

if there is a way to see it from the files on the ISO.

It seems that I dont have to worry about as long as im not trying to

slipstream SP2 on the OEM (factory-oem, like Dell or so...) XPCD, weather it would

be with SP1 or not.

I saw it on the other topic that slipstreaming SP2 on the XP that has allready hotxies

could cause some problems.

But thanks for the answer, it has the info (plus then some) I wanted.

I think I can sleep my nights a bit better now.


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XP Pro Corp. is NOT available in retail. Not in "Factory" CDs either.

New customers who are getting their Corp. CDs will get it with SP2 integrated, of course.

And retail CDs out there (which are therefore direct from MS) on store shelves, do have SP1 integrated - this is for Pro as well as home edition. Very soon, those packages HAVE to be replaced with SP2-integrated ones. The RTM and SP1 versions of the packages won't be sold.

And yes, if you (or somebody else, or an OEM) have a CD that has some hotfixes integrated, and any other things (like a multi-boot, or an unattended setup) - then the best thing to do (to prevent problems) is to start from the beginning. Dump the modified CD!

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