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Xp system disk/motherboard swap


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I receive a Stop 0x0000007B error after I move the Windows XP system disk to another computer or swap the motherboard to a different type. I have read many of the articles about doing a system repair or a inplace upgrade/repair....

I was wondering is there another way by installing the needed drivers on my system disk. I have a program that I can run and access the entire disk and registry thats on the disk but I don't know how or where to install the needed drivers on the disk.

This would allow the system disk to boot correctly without having to reinstall all the patches and such.

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I'd recommend doing what I like to call a windows rebuild. It's quite simply the closest thing you can get to a fresh install without loosing any data or programs that are currently installed. I'd recommend using the latest XP build -> integrate the new service pack 2 onto the cd by slipstreaming it. Then, when you do the rebuild, the system will be running the latest, SP2.

You'll need a bootable XP CD WITHOUT and service packs applied already. The older the XP cd the better. Slipstream the update into the cd. For a guide on how to do that part see here:


Now for the actual rebuild part.

1) Boot off the CD you just made (if you don't do a slipstream, whatever XP cd you have will still work, but you'll need to go to windows update afterwards cause it will be really out of date).

2) When it comes up to the first screen hit ENTER to setup a new windows install. You are NOT going to actaully do a "new" install, but hit enter anyway.

3) Now hit F8 to get past the EULA.

4) At this point if you watch the bottom left, you will see the install saying that its looking for previous windows installations. When it finds your damaged install hit R to repair it. It will blow away all the old windows core files and run what looks like a new install, but all original programs and such will still be on there and working just like before you swapped MBs.

We used to do this alot on Win 2K PCs when the MB would crap out or when the system got a complete hardware overhaul.

After that, all you will need to do is re-install MB/video/audio drivers. Should only take about an hour tops.


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