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you can apply the cursors from a .theme file like

[Control Panel\Cursors]
Arrow=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer arrow.cur
Help=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer help.cur
AppStarting=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer wait.ani
Wait=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer busy.ani
NWPen=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer pen.cur
No=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer no.cur
SizeNS=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer size NS.cur
SizeWE=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer size WE.cur
Crosshair=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer cross.cur
IBeam=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer beam.cur
SizeNWSE=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer size NWSE.cur
SizeNESW=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer size NESW.cur
SizeAll=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer move.cur
UpArrow=%ThemeDir%Inside Your Computer up.cur
DefaultValue=Windows default

for icons preinstallation i think the reshack of shell32.dll it's the best option to do it automatically.

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