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Changing location of 'My eBooks'


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How do I change the location of 'My eBooks' - when using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader ... anyone knows? In version 5 you could change it from within the reader but not anymore - now we're stuck with the 'My-blah-blah' construction set which I personally don't like.

Can't find it in the registry but maybe I'm looking in the wrong places ... that's why I come to you guys :D.

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hmm, not sure. I browsed around for an answer to this yesterday and couldn't find anything. I have version 6 but I guess I don't have the ebook plug-in. I certainly don't have a 'My Ebooks' folder.

I did find a method for removing 'my ebooks' if that is an option for you:


Not sure but you might check in tweakui: My computer > Special folders. See if My ebooks is one that you can change the location of.

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This is cool - thank you so much :)

I tried checking TweakUI but can't do it that way - but this works. I'll check out the different plugins - see I need 'em.

Descriptions for the plug-ins are found through Help > About Adobe Plug-Ins if anyone else wants to check it out ...

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