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Trying to automate a SalesLogix installation ...

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SalesLogix is a decent CRM app our company uses as one of their primary tools ... and I've managed to automate pretty much every application install except for this.

It's an installshield application ... but unfortunately I can't seem to get the switches to create ISS files to work properly.

Here's a rundown of the app install, as far as I can tell:

at the root of the CD, there is an install.exe which calls up a menu for multiple install options. Each option generally has it's own subfolder, with it's own setup.exe. I can manually kick off any given install using the setup.exe contained in it's own folder. If I run the install.exe with the /r switch, I get NO iss file.

Now here's where I think the problem may be ... although I can create an ISS file by running the setup.exe (a specific install from it's own subfolder) with a /r switch, I notice during the install it branches off to other installs of subsections of the applictation. Unfortunately, it's a pretty complicated install.

I tried using wininstall to do captures and generate an MSI, but that didn't work, and generated very messy and messed up results. The application was unusable.

If I try to run the setup.exe again on a clean system with the /s switch and the ISS file in the install directory, the HDD churns for a few seconds (10?) and then stops. No signs of any system changes.

What can I do to get this ironed out? Right now I'm fiddling with the package4theweb tool for installshield, but it's big, bulky, slow, and I have my doubts as to whether or not this'll help me at all.

Thanks for any and all help!

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